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Hunting For Treasures

It’s that time of year again but this time Campari and I have a goal, a mission.

Sometime in the near future Cornucopia will have a small boutique ….with a blue door, a crystal chandelier, shelves all painted white featuring treasures sourced from summer travels near and far. Included will be  Cornucopia memorabilia, our lovely t-shirts, our wooden key fobs and of course we will share our antique linen for you to cherish at home.

But until that is a reality we will just have to shop and share our travel adventures.

Campari and I are now in Nice, France the home of markets, lavender and antique linen. We will be here for another 6 weeks, ample time to journey to Fayence, Aix en Provence, Beaulieu, St Remy some of our favorite market towns. A day trip to Biot to buy fabric, beautiful French cosmetic bags or decorative pillowcases. Let us not forget lunch at our favorite restaurant,  Le Columbe D’or in St Paul de Vence, got to keep our strength up for shopping.

But shopping is just one reason we are here and have been returning for decades. The change of pace, to be able to sit at a sidewalk cafe and watch the world go by, the ability to bring Campari to cafes, restaurants even supermarkets. And for me it’s all about the food…paper thin pizzas loaded with summer truffles, the fruits and vegetables at the markets, tomatoes that taste like tomatoes, melons that taste and even smell delicious, daily freshly made buratta on pizza, in salads, surrounded by heirloom multicolored tomatoes. Grilled sea bass served with brown butter,  porcini mushrooms on anything, and everywhere there is the scent of lavender.

An annual goal is to discover one new restaurant within a one hour drive of our host city, Nice. It is a nightly quest.

If anyone has a restaurant suggestion or perhaps a request for something special you can’t live without for our boutique, please send an email to: or Would love to hear from you.

And would someone please tell me why all French women are young, beautiful, and never seem to gain an ounce of weight no matter how much they eat.

Enjoy the summer, more travel news soon.

Inge Judd
July 2022